An elegiac summoning enacted through dance, Eternal Performance is one channel of an enduring dialogue with artist, collaborator, and friend Xenia Dwertmann.

  1. The holy spirit is a realm beyond the ability of words to properly convey. It must be experienced, realized, and kindled within like a holy fire.
  2. It’s presence obtains the past and future.
  3. In order to experience it, we must pay attention to an expanded present.
  4. We are two limbs of a greater body.
  5. We are creating an opening for it to emerge within and through this shared body.
  6. The opening is achieved through an internal, emotional choreography that extends outward into the environment.
  7. The dance is a commitment to the reception of it.
  8. Once the dance has been activated, the opening continues eternally.
  9. The dancing is the practice of amplifying the opening.
  10. To be activated / amplified, the dance requires at least one witness.
  11. The witness can exist through any means, but it must be identified.
  12. It is through the relationship between the dancing and the witness that the opening occurs.
  13. Notwithstanding how often we practice the dance, the Eternal Performance is continually happening.
  14. However, a regular practice makes an occurrence of it more likely.

Note: Presence is a muscle.